Out now from San Diego’s amm (aka bedroom producer Amaris): ‘Less Alone’ – a bittersweet song for sad days.

Less alone is a song I wrote about feeling really alone in a relationship and having no control over that feeling. It’s about the suffocation of feeling trapped in something that makes you feel helpless and unloved, and blaming the other person for not meeting your expectations when, in reality, they might not even know how to love themselves first. All the while, you’re sticking around trying to make it work and feeling like you should give up.  

The moral of this song is that if I’m living to fix my own bottomless pit of loneliness, I’ll never get what I want from anyone – just disappointment and a sense of being unfulfilled. It’s in realizing that everyone is lonely too that I’ll finally feel like maybe I haven’t actually been alone this whole time after all.

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