Out tomorrow from Dublin’s ELKAE, we are stoked to bring you the first listen of ‘Girls Like You Like Me’ – a perfect pop banger to fill the dancefloor with all the girls who like girls!

The song is the title track from ELKAE’s forthcoming EP, out next month. Chorus vocals are provided by Karla Chubb of our faves’s Sprints, plus further Irish singers-of-the-moment Lydia Ford, Chloe Agnew, ZaPho, Toshín, Sinead McConville and Taylor Mas who we are off to check out right now.

The song sees ELKAE singing about that time of your life when relationships are the be all and end all. Ah, those were the days eh.

“It’s the time when you’re figuring everything out and being a bit reckless at times too. We’re too young to settle down and we all want what we can’t have. As a gay girl, a lot of my experiences were with girls. Girls who were breaking my heart, girls whose hearts I’d broken, the girls who were my friends, and how some of those broken hearts also grew into friendships and how we helped each other through it all. There’s a strange kind of unity in it all that I think can be quite unique to the gay scene at times.”

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