We are delighted to bring you today the first glimpse of Hannah Rose Kessler‘s beautiful video for new single ‘Your Female Rage’, out today. A sensuous, barbed riposte to the commodification of feminism. The stunning single is taken from EP My Theories On the Apocalypse, which is out now on Reckless Yes Records.

We asked HRK to tell us in her own words what the song means to her:

Your Female Rage is a song that I wrote shortly after quitting my job at a pub, who’s manager rebuked me, for complaining about an elderly regular consistently harassing me. “He’s been coming her for 30 years, you’ve been here, what, 5 minutes? It’s your JOB to flirt with customers.” 
This interaction gave me a huge sense of injustice. Why was it my job to have an old man grab my arm while I was picking up empties? Why was it my job to be told I “look horny”? It kind of wasn’t. At least not for £7.70 an hour. I got thinking about all the other times in my life when I’ve been dismissed and belittled for trying to set boundaries, and it made me angry. I also thought about the concept of “Female rage” as something that has very much been capitalised on. 
Rage is something that should be taken seriously, but for some reason, when it’s “female” rage, it usually isn’t. It’s treated as a slogan, pink, glittery curly letters saying “f* the patriarchy” and T-shirts saying “Dump him!”. Female Rage isn’t something I want to put in my pocket: It’s a heavy burden, and it has left me exhausted in only my mid twenties. 
Female Rage is not an accessory and it doesn’t have to be spun into a positive. I’m not a “girl boss”. I’m not “powerful”, I’m not “strong”, or even “inspiring”. My damage is not beautiful and it hasn’t made me stronger. I’m exhausted and traumatised, and I am surviving. There is no message, no meaning to the things I’ve suffered due to my sex and sexuality, and there is no grand conclusion. I simply carry on. And that is just fine.

Hannah Rose Kessler

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