Released today, LOUD WOMEN Volume 3 is our latest absolute stunner of a compilation album, available on CD and download exclusively on Bandcamp. Grab yours today to be among the first to enjoy this beauty, AND help us make the most of Bandcamp Friday (no fees for us = more money towards putting on a great show at LOUD WOMEN Fest 5 in September!)

Check out this stunner of a track listing …

Bang Bang Romeo – Stone Cold Superstar (live acoustic version)
Pleasure Venom – Fascist
3 Miss Eaves –3 Jobs
Lilith Ai – Warrier Queen
ARXX – Call Me Crazy
LibraLibra – Panic Buy
Sister Ghost – Bruised Fruit
Hagar the Womb – Visible Woman
ĠENN – 23rd March
10 The Empty Page – When the Cloud Explodes
11 I, Doris – Wonderwomen
12 Honey Joy – The Healer
13 Bugeye – When the Lights Go Out
14 Vulpynes – This Motor is Me
15 Egg Drop Soup – Hymen
16 Hadda Be – Another Life
17 Hotwax – Stay Cool
18 Breakup Haircut – Why Can’t I Be Cool Enough to Move to Berlin
19 I am HER – Big Monster
20 Naz & Ella – Internalised
21 Jelly Cleaver – Ego
22 Maedb Joy – The Unconventional Feminist

“This is awesome … gets the Go-Go seal of approval”

Jane WeidlinThe Go-Go’s 

“Swaggering, sensual, startling, and inventing a new sisterhood. All these LOUD WOMEN are totally inspiring.”  

Lucy O’Brien, author of She-Bop 

“Everything I cherish and hold dear about music is contained herein: DIY-a-go-go!”

Everett True

Here’s what Tony Rounce had to say about the comp:

Despite the fact that LOUD WOMEN Fest 5 has had to be delayed and rescheduled (hopefully only) twice due to you-know-what, the exhilarating and inspiring contents of LOUD WOMEN Volume 3 give you a taste of the bands and singers you might well expect to see on stage when it does take place (hopefully) later in 2021. Collectively they show why – as I never tire of saying – we truly are living in a New Golden Age for music, and even if we can’t enjoy it in person at the moment there’s plenty here to keep us excited about the prospect of doing so again, as soon as we can. 

LW3 is available both physically and digitally, and for many of the tracks here such as – for example – Brighton bands ARXX and Genn’s melancholic ‘Call Me Crazy’ and coruscating ‘23rd’ respectively, it’s the first time they have appeared physically as opposed to digitally.   Both of these fine acts have been championed by LW since they first emerged a few years ago (in Genn’s case, originally as Cryptic Street) and that’s also the case for several other featured LW (and hopefully some of your) favourites like Jelly Cleaver, Bugeye, Lilith Ai, Hagar The Womb, Naz and Ella, Miss Eaves, I Am HER and LibraLibra.

Volume the third also brings you some blimmin’ good up-and-comers that you might not yet have connected with, for one pandemic-related reason or another.  The wonderful Hotwax from the south coast, the Empty Page from Manchester and the four pesky kids of London’s adorable Breakup Haircut are all household names in the making as soon as we can all see them live again. All this (and more) and I haven’t even mentioned the altogether splendid Bang Bang Romeo and I, Doris yet. It goes without saying that their tracks are among the highlights in a collection that’s overflowing with such things. (You can slip me that tenner next time I see you, Doris…)

Chucking another entirely appropriate superlative in its direction, LOUD WOMEN Volume 3 is very much your actual essential collection. Whether you want to download it or, like Olivia Newton-John all those years ago, you ‘wanna get physical’, you should definitely make a point of owning it – an opinion that you can take from me is assuredly honest, and without bias.