LOUD WOMEN is recording a song of feminist solidarity called ‘Reclaim These Streets’, which we will be releasing with all profits going to Women’s Aid.

We have an amazing lineup of musicians and vocalists involved in this project – from the LOUD WOMEN grassroots scene, along with some internationally famous pop and rock stars. And a face no-one will forget – wait til you hear her voice. All will be revealed soon, we cannot wait to tell you more about this amazing project. Expect some big headlines …

There’s still time for you to get involved if you would like to include your voice in our chorus. We are also still taking video clips. Read on if you’d like to be part of this herstoric song, already being dubbed “Women’s Band Aid”.

Want to contribute? Here’s what you need to know.

In this folder here you’ll find audio clips of the different parts that make up the song’s chorus, with and without instruments, for your guidance:

There are 3 harmony parts suggested here – chorusvox1 is quite high in pitch, chorusvox2 is medium to low pitch, and chorusvox3 sits between them. Feel free to record all 3 parts if you’d like to – and if you come up with an even better harmony line over or below these parts, we’d like to hear that too!

Recording tips

The ideal would be to record your voice using a condenser microphone, and for you to provide us with a .wav file of your recordings.

If you’re recording through DAW software please leave your voice clean, don’t add any reverb or effects.

If you don’t have a mic or recording software available, do the best you can using the audio recording app on your phone (e.g. the Voice Memos app on an iphone).

Have the demo or guide vocals playing on a separate device into your headphones, so you just record your voice (without the backing track being audible on the recording).

Please include your name in the filename – e.g.  CassieFox_chorus.wav

If you would like to send more than one recording (e.g. if you’ve done a version with a different harmony line) that’s fab thank you. Make clear in the filename what it is that you’re sending us – e.g. CassieFox_chorusharmony.wav

When you’ve done your recording please upload it here and then email loudwomenclub@gmail.com to let Cassie know that it’s there. In your email, please also confirm how you would like your name presented on the credits (e.g. “Cassie Fox” or “Cassie Fox of I, Doris” or “Cassie”). Deadline: Friday 2nd April 5pm.

Video too please!

We would love to include you in the video to the song too please! Here are some ideas for the kind of video shots we’d love from you:

  • Footage of you recording the vocals
  • You miming to the vocals while walking down the street
  • You holding a sign saying any of the lyrics from the song that particularly resonate with you (e.g. Reclaim these streets, Every woman’s got a story, We have a right to safety etc)
  • You dancing to the song, ideally in the street!
  • You writing ‘Reclaim these streets’ in chalk, on a pavement …

… or anything else that you dream up and seems to you to be relevant, we want to see it!

Include your name in the video filename so we know who sent it, and upload here. Then drop Cassie an email at loudwomenclub@gmail.com to let her know it’s there. NB please if anyone else features in your video footage please let me know if they give their permission for it to be used. Video deadline: Monday 5th April 5pm.