Out now from Belfast’s Gender Chores: ‘Night in the Woods’ is our track of the day. A call-to-action pop-punk belter with an important social consciousness-raising message.

“Inspired by an indie video game of the same name, the song is a broadside at slum landlords and property developers. Cities are becoming unaffordable and off-limits, and there’s a collective fury at the growing gentrification of Belfast that we really hope we’ve been able to capture and give catharsis to.”

Gender Chores is Sam (of LOUD WOMEN Ireland), Sophie and AJ.

“I think there’s a collective fury at the looming gentrification of Belfast. There’s outrage at the fact that it costs so much to live where we want to live.” 


“In the most difficult times there were bands still shouting about being unhappy with the situation. We’re here, shouting about stuff. We hope people in the future will listen back to what we’ve had to say and still hold it in relevance.” 



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