Our single of the week comes from the powerhouse Gilan: ‘Twice’. If we didn’t already know it before (which we did, for the record), this single proves that Gilan and her stunning songwriting are destined for much bigger stages. Can’t wait to see her on one (although we’d settle for a small one right now!)

‘Twice’ is an achingly beautiful ballad that’s a hard relate for anyone who’s been optimistic enough to give a shitty person a second chance. Vocals soaring and dipping with the song’s emotional rollercoaster, over melodic/atonal/melodic plucked guitar and genius handclapped percussion. The song begs to be listened to much more than twice.

Gilan tells us:

“Twice is about meeting people with toxic behavioural traits that you have encountered before, and all of the emotional upheaval that comes with it. It’s as though life realised you weren’t through learning a lesson the first time around.”

We loved Gilan as part of the now ended Brosphine band. But then we fell head over heels in love with Gilan’s soft-yet-powerful voice and, distinctive guitar (what even are those chords?) and epic-poetic songwriting when we first heard her play at the LOUD WOMEN open mic at the Apple Tree back in the pre-covid age. Gilan has long been a solid part of our scene, and even sometimes writes for this here site too.

Here’s how she describes herself:

“I am a singer/songwriter living in the outskirts of London. Having grown up in the Middle East under much stricter conditions, as soon as I moved back to the UK I have been making music, performing in various bands. I have been performing my solo music on various acoustic circuits for some time, and now I am producing and recording it all to share with the world. This life forces me to tightrope walk somewhere between the gentle calm and a pit of despair everyday. When I am through I intend to wring it by its neck and force it into song. I hope you will join me on this journey.”

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