Album review by Jenny Rose

Welcome to my first ever ever ever review of the new album by Weekend Recovery called “False Company”!!!

So, hello there, you’ll have to bear with me whilst I learn the review ropes.  I was passed the toe tapping album “False Company” by Weekend Recovery, a band up to now that I had not had the pleasure of spending time listening too.  I had the idea to not glean any knowledge until after I had listened to them, much like I read books.  (Don’t worry I will let you know and give some links later where you can catch them.)

False Company is an album that I was immediately grabbed by. It had me tapping my toes, wiggling my fingers, and moving my arse. I timed it and it comes in at a very lovely 30 or so minutes, with 10 different tracks, which is decent enough drive to time, walk your Mastiff Cross dog, or crochet a few lines of a blanket (it’s fluffy, sparkly and pink in case you wanted to know!) Though I will leave it up to you and your imagination how you spend your time listening to it.

Let me paint you a picture of a few of the songs. The first track ‘Radiator’ had me wanting to go for a strong walk or practice my marital arts. I loved it. There is a pounding beat with strong lyrics and indeed is one of my favourites on the album.  

Then came ‘Surprise’ further down the list. This felt more melancholy to me and indeed I thought of people that I used to know, and how we all deal with different things in the past. 

Last but not least there is ‘Zealot’. When this started pumping out with the different pitches of voice – from low to high and back again, with melody in the background – this one got my head bopping up and down. 

This album is a creative work of art with a different feel to each song. It brought to mind of the feeling that reading back your diary would have and the glut of emotions that would ensure; sometimes pleasant, sometimes a little more challenging, but all a journey nonetheless.

So as promised more info on Weekend Recovery. You can grab their album False Company on 12 February 2021, three songs have already been released already – ‘Going Nowhere’, ‘You Know Why’ and ‘Surprise’.

 Weekend Recovery were created out of the ether in 2017 and were touring loads until you-know-what happened in 2020.  They say they are “Fuzzy Garage Rock” and I don’t know what that means as I am rubbish with music genres, however it does seem to describe Lori, Loz and Issac more than adequately.  Oh and how cool is this they had a Crowdfunder to fund the album which I love and says a lot about the fan base.

I really like them, I find myself humming bits of songs. So if you wish for some new  earworms I recommend you give them a go.  Now off I go to pre-order the album. Look forward to catching them.

You can find them on facebook instagram twitter and you can presave the album here.