Review by Zoe Biggs‘

I don’t think it’s possible to leave a Berries’ gig feeling sad. So, it’s been one of many things I had been missing in life at the moment. However! On Friday, the band (Holly, Lauren and Lucie) treated us to a virtual launch party for ‘Copy’, their latest single and the first release to come since their signing to giants Xtra Mile Recordings back in November. At only half an hour long, the launch felt oh too short, but it featured live recordings, home recordings, acoustic covers and even the band members walking us through their equipment and the spaces they are able to practise and record in. We also learnt that Holly’s neighbour might not be as big of a fan as they should be.

Recorded by Antony Smith at Bigsmith Studios, ‘Copy’ swaggers in with a Berries’ signature move of intricate guitar hooks, licks and trills, before jumping into pounding drums and dark, scuzzy basslines. The chorus brings a certain brightness to the track, with Lucie and Lauren’s backing vocals complimenting Holly’s lead and pushing it into your psyche ensuring that you will wake up humming it.

In true Berries’ fashion, a lot is packed into those 3 minutes 45, bringing us on a whirlwind tour of influences and styles ranging from Wolf Alice’s lurking menace to Nova Twins’ energy and drive and back around again before we can take a breath.

The fact that in such unprecedented times surrounded by uncertainty, Berries have recorded and released new music is an absolute testament to the band’s desire and abject determination to keep pressing on, to keep spreading joy to others. In my biased opinion, as all opinions are, I recommend that you go and hit play on this immediately.

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