Dead Naked Hippies: Curiosity (Dawn) – video of the day

Out today from Dead Naked Hippies: ‘Curiosity (Dawn)’ is our video of the day. A change of style for a band known for rock guitars and drums, this is an alt-disco bedroom banger born of lockdown necessity.

Frontwoman Lucy explains; 

“Curiosity (Dawn) is a question of existence and purpose, how life shapes us & we shape it, and reflecting on it as if it were coming to an end. Society is so focused on moving at pace, achieving, doing, proving & sometimes it feels so ingrained into us, that this is the way we should be. Lyrically, I wanted to explore myself beyond expectation – what does it mean to be human? To me. I think that’s felt particularly prevalent given the events of 2020, in pausing & reflecting as life itself has unexpectedly slowed down this year.

“Honing our production skills has given us something to focus on, to create a silver lining out of a not so great situation & it has been an extremely liberating process. Gaining the confidence to be able to release a self produced track feels like quite a big deal to us.” 

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