OK so Cat of the Day is now officially a thing. This fine feline is Mrs Nesbit and it’s her birthday today – happy fluffin birthday Mrs Nesbit! Here she is starring in a pop video with her chums, Buns and Swanson – made by her owner Nuala Honan, whose talents include choosing awesome cat names, and making brilliant music.

‘K.I.T.Y.’ is taken from Bristol-based Australian Nuala Honan’s second album ‘Doubt & Reckoning’,

“The video is a reflection of things that seem simple, that I use to heal and to try live a passionate life. Cats, swimming in nature, and playing music with my friends. (Not necessarily in that order, but actually, yes, cats first.) And I’m passionate about sharing that joy with anyone who passes by my work. 

“It was bittersweet going through the footage of the cats, because two of them have now passed away, so we just have Mrs Nesbit (the nutter in the sink). I never had pets growing up and had no idea how much they would get their claws into my heart and what a companion they’d be for my mental health. Snuggling up to Mrs Nesbit can heal any mood, she is a wizard.”

So much love for all of this, particularly Mrs Nesbit.

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