Today’s cat of the day (yes, that’s a thing now) is ‘Gary of the Academy’ by Oakland duo Lunchbox, aka Tim Brown and Donna McKean. A cheerful sing-song to a good puss – this is exactly the content we need right now. Lunchbox tell us: 

“The song is Donna’s ode to a cat who lives at a research institute in Berlin where we were in residence for a few months in the middle of recording the LP. The recording was broken up by a number of international trips. Donna fell in love with this cat — “Gary” — who lived at the Academy but, like her, didn’t really belong. She sings to Gary about their shared-outsiderness, recounts their secret travels and reminds Gary of other worlds, known only by cats and cat-adjacent humans, that lie just beyond daily experience.”

The single it taken from LP After School Special, out on October 30, 2020 via Slumberland Records.