We are delighted to bring you this morning the premiere of a minty fresh indiepop soundtrack from Yumi and the Weather. ‘What Has Become of the Wishing Well’ is a cute live video, filmed at the supercool Small Pond Recordings in Brighton.

Yumi And The Weather (aka Ruby Taylor) is a Brighton vocalist, multi-instrumentalist and producer. Commenting on the track, Taylor says:

“The story behind ‘What Will Become Of The Wishing Well’ is about the current situation with COVID and how there are so many lies around it all. It’s also about the theory that we are heading into a cashless society, so I thought people won’t be throwing coins to make wishes anymore. Wishes are such a nice thing as it’s all about hopeful thinking for a moment—about desires and things we want, almost like little prayers. Ultimately it’s about the recent struggle of not knowing what the future holds, but keeping grounded in a time when truth and information are up in the air.”

Taylor will also be exhibiting work alongside others in forthcoming musicians’ art show SUPER COOL DRAWING MACHINE, curated by Yuppies Music and touring this winter in a creative and forward-thinking use of UK music venue spaces in lieu of live performances.

Yumi And The Weather online:

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