And now for something completely different. Our video of the day today is the mesmerising ‘Ecdysis’, title track from Londoner BEBELUNA‘s EP.

The word Ecdysis means the process of shedding old skin. The EP is about the inevitable realisation of change in oneself being eternal. When you’re a late teen, you think you have a realised perception of yourself, but your 20s quickly prove you wrong.

Bebe, hold on to your hat for your 30s.

Identifying as gender fluid, BEBELUNA was born into a family of Somalian immigrants who came to London before Bebe was born. Facing an internal battle to express themselves fully in a deeply religious household, Bebe left the home at 16 and found refuge within the underground London music scene – playing guitar, rapping and singing. Looking forward to hearing lots more from BEBELUNA.

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