Today’s video of the day is a hold-on-to-your-feels lip-trembler from NI’s Queen of Queer Susie Blue. ‘Love You Anyway’ is taken from her forthcoming EP Boys Boys Boys [going head-to-head with Sabrina? -Ed]. The self-directed video was created after Susie put a call out on social media for people to send in short clips that represent their time spent whilst isolating. Check out the chonky calico cat at 44 seconds who completely owns everything*.

Love You Anyway is a love letter to the North of Ireland, my home. There are things I love but many things I want to change. Its about being somewhere and feeling the need to flee to bigger and better things but realising you also want to improve your home, to make it better, to make it the beautiful place it can be, however you can. The beauty of the song can be interpreted in many ways, it’s a love song in general and touches on mental health issues and addiction. It was an important song for me to write and I poured my heart into it.

Susie Blue

* Rumours that including a fiesty cat in your pop video is a instant golden ticket to LW Video of the Day stardom are kinda vaguely denied.

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