Today’s video of the day is a return to form from beloved London duo DOLLS. The superfun video for empower-pop banger ‘Bubble Bath’ features the band’s chums – we spotted Sam from Long Teeth, Sian from Gold Baby, and our fave photographer Keira Anee! Singer Jade Ellins tells us:

“Bubble Bath is about two things, the toxic ‘nice guys’ that feel they are owed a romantic relationship after putting in the hours as a friend, and the societal pressure to be ‘body perfect’. I think most women can relate to having that male friend that thinks after years of friendship you will somehow fall in love with him and the guilt he makes you feel when you say you just want to be friends.

And, as a girl and woman there are a lot of pressures to look and act a certain way. Is my stomach too big? Am I wearing the right thing?

Now as an adult I am constantly trying to reassure myself that I am more than what I look like and wanted to write a song that says a big fuck you to the sulky boys and impossible beauty standards. “We are sisters, mothers, daughters, teachers . Anything. Anything. Anything.”

DOLLS’ EP Eggshells is out now – and you can still grab some coloured vinyl from