We’re excited to bring you today the premiere of Lauran Beth‘s cracking new single, ’11 Years’. The video delivers a stark climate change message, contrasted by Lauran delicate vocals – with, refreshingly, no masking of her beautiful natural accent. Lauran tells us:

“’11 Years’ is a climate change song about how selfish and cruel people have become in relation to the environment. It expresses the opinion that, as a society, we have become indifferent to the pain and suffering endured by animals and plants, and only care about ourselves. Climate change is an emergency, and in order to fix the problem that we’ve created, we must learn where we’ve gone wrong and change our relationship with the environment.

Writing ’11 Years’ was a therapeutic experience for me, as I personally have many fears and anxieties around climate change. I have always worried about the environment and the effect that our behaviour has on plants and animals. Writing this song really helped me in calming my fears and expressing how I really feel in a way that is unique to me.

Lockdown has been a strange, yet interesting experience. From doing schoolwork, to writing music and learning more songs from other artists, lockdown has helped me to broaden my horizons in terms of music. I have gotten time to think about the type of music I want to write and the opinions I want to share through my music. Even though it is a scary time, music has helped me through.”

11 Years is out now via Beardfire Music.