We are delighted to bring you today the exclusive premiere of Naz and Ella‘s new single, ‘Freedom’, a day ahead of its release.

The song is inspired by the experience of Rahaf Mohammed, a young Saudi Arabian woman who fled an abusive family and oppressive regime with the aim of making it to Australia. After being stopped in Thailand en route and almost deported back to Saudi, where she likely faced being incarcerated or even murdered, she was eventually granted asylum in Canada following a wealth of support on social media.

Inspired by Rahaf’s bravery, Naz & Ella wanted to capture the feelings of desperation and hope. The song is based around a dark fingerstyle riff combined with emotive vocals and lush harmonies.

Inspired by traditional folk, the duo love to tell stories in their music and capture the feelings and emotions of the protagonist, whether fictional or real. They often tackle difficult subjects neglected in music, such as Brexit, gun control in the US, homelessness and the freedom to love. 

This year Naz & Ella are focusing on writing songs for their second EP and booking gigs for the summer. Previous places they’ve performed at include the Southbank Centre, Amersham Arms and at L Fest.

Find Naz & Ella at bandcamp distrokid