Today’s video of the day is MAITA‘s ‘Someone’s Lost Their Goddamn Wallet’ from their debut album Best Wishes out May 15 on Kill Rock Stars. The DIY video was made with MAITA’s friends and family in isolation.

Principal songwriter and front person for MAITA, Maria Maita-Keppeler says of the track:

 “Someone’s Lost Their Goddamn Wallet” was inspired by my experience with college parties. Every weekend at some grimy house filled with young, drunk people, I would have that moment late at night where I stared into the crowd and remembered that death was waiting for all of us, regardless of how alive we felt. In those moments, everything would suddenly seem insignificant, and we became so naive and small. I wanted to hide the gravity of this truth within a song that felt vibrant and full of life, just as these dark truths were hidden for me within nights of intoxicated revelry. The song carries a different weight for me today, in the midst of this new Covid reality, where the dark truth seems more exposed than ever, and the quest for joy feels more urgent, almost desperate.”

On the video Maria says 

“My initial idea for this song was to do a classic house party music video, but of course, that was not possible once we began social distancing. What happened instead felt all the more apt for the song. I gave my friends complete freedom in creating their videos, and found them to be so honest and captivating, each and every one. As I spent hours editing it, I felt like I was hanging out with all of them, sharing in each of their unique spirits, their particular ways of processing our new reality. It felt as if we were all at that party, and that we were all on that singular precipice – that precipice between joy and grief that I used to come to alone – together.”

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