Review by Aleksandra Brzezicka

Diving into deep post-punk waters, already invaded by the likes of Captain Beefheart, Red Crayola or Gang of Four, Lithics managed not to drown. Their buzzy groove with ragged riffs and eclectic vocals kept them afloat. Two years after releasing their debut album, Mating Surfaces, Portland’s punx are back with new(ish) EP.

Wendy Kraemer, being a re-release (on Moone Records) of Lithics 2017 homemade tape, is the kind material which normally wouldn’t leave studio’s closed doors. Full of previously unheard gems, documenting recording of their sophomore LP, it lets to take a peek into bands’ intimate process of music-making. Harsh and unedited.

It’s full of shattered bits of bops like Excuse Generator or Specs and swirling straight-to-the-point sounds. Impossible to give any order to. This jazzy stream of consciousness takes you to the, so forgotten, wild paradise of spontaneity. Precious, not pretentious. Long live Freedom.

Listening to Lithics’ new mixtape makes you feel like the band is crashing your flat party to jam in the back. Aubrey’s raw, hypnotic vocals will give you goosebumps while, tight as hell, instrumental will keep your neighbours on their toes. Wendy Kraemer is a bursting with life, wine-talking girl. She flirts with half-sentences and laughs energy bullets, trying to steal you away with her clumsy charm. It works.

‘There’s more, hold on,’ says Aubrey somewhere in between bouncy drums and whizzing riffs. While Wendy is fun, she’ll do for one night. Lithics, we need some long-term material.

Out 7 Feb on Moone Records

Wendy Kraemer is out on February 7 and will be available on vinyl, streaming platforms and bands’ social media. Hurry up and get your own Wendy.

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