Out today, CATBEAR‘s ‘Unrequited Love’ is our single of the week. This awesome DIY pop duo have taken that gnawing obsession we’ve all felt at some stage or other for someone who just doesn’t feel the same way godammit, and turned it into a gorgeously compelling 80s-esque synth pop ballad.

The dual vocals pair perfectly, like sister vocals – a symphony all the more beautiful when you learn that the duo are best friends. Just too adorable.

Zoe Konez (lead guitar, vocals, production) and Sarah Smith (drums, vocals) have developed CATBEAR from its “teenage identity” as Cat Bear Tree.

The single is fully home-recorded and self-produced – but this is no bedroom lofi; the track is exquisitely produced. And done so, we hear, for the very best of reasons: their own shits and giggles:

“We make music for the enjoyment of it. We are two good friends that love each other and we love making music together. There is no other agenda.

And with that attitude we want to inspire young women and LGBTQ people like us to not only go form a band, but to take control over every aspect of their music. You can be a guitarist, you can be a drummer. You can make beats, you can record and produce your own music. You can be anything.”

Fuck yes! What she said! Absolute new band crush.

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