New music from Leeds’ Lunar Sounds – their debut single ‘Reputation’ is out now.

Guitarist Caris says:

“We wrote Reputation last year and it’s been a live favourite ever since we first performed it. We often swap around on instrument for different tracks, but for this one it’s me (Caris) on guitar and Anna on drums. The lyrics were written by Chesca, who sings it. “

Chesca tells us:

“Reputation is a ‘fuck you’ to people who expect you to fit a stereotype. I’ve struggled with weight and body image my whole life. Men in my family often tell me that I need to be more ‘ladylike’ to get a boyfriend. Even in the workplace I’ve experienced men rating women out of 10 based on looks. At some point you start measuring your self worth on how attractive other people find you – having the mentality that you’re not good enough and ‘if I change I’ll be happier’.

“The song is refusing those views and rejecting the stereotypes. The chorus is about the realisation that you have to delete the toxic people from your life and find more like minded people who support you.”

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