Delighted to bring you the premiere of Austel’s new video for delicious moody electro-pop single ‘Now We’re Here’ – filmed at The Cause in Tottenham.

Austel – aka Annie Rew Shaw – says of the track:

‘The song is essentially about the impact of toxic relationships and dismantling the pedestals we put people on. Learning to be comfortable with your own identity. Commanding a new-found sense of confidence and inner strength. 

It also touches on the idea that we as a society have grown so distant from each other, and ourselves. In an age where communication devices are practically glued to our hands, most of us feel lonelier than ever. We’re not built to socialise through screens; we crave a warm, human connection. So Now We’re Here is also about trying to process that, and why it’s so hard to open up and be vulnerable when you’re met with ‘cold love’.’

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