Proud to bring you the video premiere of ‘Summer’ – by the very awesome Hurtling, the London indie trio driven by one of our favourite guitarists ever, Jen Macro.

The song lives up to its name: playful guitars, and vocals at first beguilingly sweet and warm before luring us into a melodic downpour of tempestuous fuzz. It’s truly beautiful.

How lucky are we that we get to see these fine musicians live in just a few weeks at LOUD WOMEN Fest 4? Dead lucky, that’s how!

We asked Jen Macro to tell us more about ‘Summer’ in her own words …

‘Summer’ grew from the riff that leads the second half of the song – I remember coming up with it while Jon and Simon were having a break outside. When they heard the riff they excitedly dashed back in to play along. The song kinda took shape from there.  

Lyrically i guess it is about making the best of life, and getting along with each other. Appreciating the good things – being ‘awake for the summer’ soaking up every minute of vitamin D while you can.

I wanted the video to have a home movie vibe. The footage in the studio (Onecat in Brixton, run by our very own Jon Clayton) is us actually recording takes for the version of the song that is on the album. It was just us in the room, with a tripod and camera, I liked the informality and intimacy. The other videos of the sun were things that caught my eye so I captured them on my phone, as and when, over 2 summers. The idea was we would start off in the studio (in black and white), then ‘journey’ to a (colorful) gig. I had initially wanted a montage of performances – we’d got audience members to take videos of us playing Summer in various venues, but in the end it was too much for my editing skills – so I stuck with what had filmed by Andrew Duffy at The Green Door Store in Brighton where Chris Tomsett (Innerstrings) did the lighting, which with a few effects seems to have turned out quite psychedelic.

Catch Hurtling Live

Sat August 31 – Primadonna Festival, Laffitts Hall, Suffolk

Sat September 14  – Loud Women fest, The Dome