Lancashire’s TV Face are our new favourite post-punk trio, playing songs about “politics, parasites and jiggly-bopsiwotsits”. Wowsers. They’ll be displaying all this and more for LOUD WOMEN on 11 May at the Hope & Anchor, along with a best-lineup-ever of Miss Eaves, Feral Five and I, Doris. In the meantime, we asked them 10 questions …

1. Who would you most like to cover one of your songs? 

An easy one – Dr. Teeth and The Electric Mayhem. Laid-back guitarist Janice is an constant inspiration for all of TV Face. Oh that we could be that relaxed!

2. If you could add one member to your band – any person, living or dead, musical or otherwise – who would it be, and what would they play?

Delia Derbyshire would be a fantastic addition. As a pioneer of electronic music, she worked with the BBC Radiophonic Workshop in the 1960s and is probably best known for her arrangement of the Doctor Who theme tune. She’d play a theremin fashioned out of old TV aerials.

3. What was the last song you wrote, where were you when you came up with the idea, what inspired it, and how did it turn out? 

‘Orange Carbuncle’ – Named after a new(ish) orange-coloured block of flats built at the north end of Lancaster, which is an old town, and like many places across the UK is undergoing rapid development of new housing. Quite rightly, buildings seem to be springing up on disused areas of brownfield, but developers have their sights on land used by the community. These community resources play an important role, not only for people but for nature more widely – thankfully we have a vibrant community of local activists who are fighting this issue in Lancaster. The song is TV Face’s slowest song, and features a long speech-synthesised sample using a cut-and-paste mix of words by Swiss-French architect Le Corbusier and Harvey Wiley Corbett, an American modernist architect.

4. Which was your favourite gig you’ve a) played and b) watched?  

a:  Our recent single launch – played at our spiritual home The Yorkshire House in our home town was a corker. An impromtu stage invasion added to the fun – however, all of us were freaking out about the safety of our equipment. How very (un)punk rock!

b:  Sorry, too many to choose from, we love live music! Brigit and Steve were lucky enough to see Björk on a warm up gig for her 2011 Manchester International Festival appearance. An amazing opportunity to see Björk in rehearsal mode; she would stop mid-song to discuss changes with her band – speaking candidly with the audience. Amazing! A close second would be seeing Mogwai at a tiny gig in Preston in the 90s. It was so loud – akin to being in a wind tunnel! A up-close masterclass in dynamics…

5. Recommend a record that you think our readers might not have heard of

‘Holding Hands With Jamie’ by Girl Band. A fantastic slab of noisey pop inspired by the band’s love of techno and alt 90s guitar bands. The album is a pulsating mix of cavernous and abrasive sounscapes with mark-e-smith-esue vocals. The lyrics are truly fantastic and hilarious to boot. We’ve seen them live several time, but they are on haitus at the moment. We cannot wait for their return.

6. What’s your best piece of advice for young musicians? 

Learn a trade at the same time. We recommend plumbing, as most people are unwilling to take the risk of a leak in their homes. You will find the money useful in the Spotify era of $0.003 per play.

7. Your top 3 most beloved albums ever – go. 

Sonic Youth – Sister / Goo (can’t choose!!! Brigit and Steve have argued extensively about which one and just can’t agree)

dEUS – Worst Case Scenario

Björk – Homogenic

8. What are your musical goals? 

Keep playing! We’ve just had some line-up changes in the band, so we’re really looking forward to writing some new material together.

9. What’s the most important thing we need to know about your band right now?

We’ve just released our new 7” single ‘Chemical Imbalance/Jiggly Bopsiwotsit’. Chemical Imbalance is a mordant tale about being lost-at-sea in a broken mental-health system, whilst Jiggly Bopsiwotsit takes a well-aimed throw at upcycling fashionistas. It’s a DIY affair, all produced at TV TOWER’s HQ, with gorgeous artwork by Steve. We’ve been on the road to promote the single with a string of UK gigs through March-June. You can buy your copy at a gig or via or stream via Spotify (but remember, if you like it buy it!)

10. Give your top 5 contemporary bands/musicians

In no particular order…..

Parquet Courts – stripped back new-wave-ish punk rock. Fantastic lyrics and great artwork by guitarist/vocalist Andrew Savage.

Girl Band – see above (5) – seriously marvellous!

The Noise & The Naïve – We’ve recently been lucky enough to play with them: a delightfully quirky and infectious two-piece, and all round good people.

Janelle Monae – the concept album The Archandroid is an amazing work of art.

Beak> – can’t stop listening to their albums which just get better with each listen.

Catch TV Face live in London for LOUD WOMEN on 11 May at the Hope & Anchor, or check them out on facebook | website