Bleached: Shitty Ballet – track of the day

Review by Caitlyn Lydon

LA punk sisters Bleached have triumphantly returned to the music scene with their first new single in two years.

For fans of the fuzzy surf-punk sound Bleached have honed so perfectly in older songs, this latest single may come as a shock, as the two spend most of the track pairing down their sound to just an acoustic guitar and Jennifer’s vocals. This, it turns out, is yet another thing Bleached can do extraordinarily well – with no distractions, full attention can be payed on the raw vulnerability of Jennifer’s lyrics, which remain as bracingly urgent and confessional as their previous louder tracks.

As the song creeps along to the final chorus however, a full band comes screeching in for a familiarly defiant finale – one that is completely satisfying and entirely worth the wait.

Watch the video (filmed in one take!) for Bleached’s Shitty Ballet here:

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