Grace Savage: Snowflake – video of the day

The phenomenal Grace Savage’s ice cool ‘Snowflake’ is our video of the day today.

Grace has graced the stages of LOUD WOMEN Fest for the past two years. and the four-time UK beat-box champion is now poised to release her new EP, “Cracks”, with a launch show at Bermondsey Social Club on 15th May. (Tix here!)

Grace says :

“This EP contains a lot more collaborations than the previous two as I branched out to work with new producers (namely Badoos and James Yuill) and as a result it feels more varied in texture and hopefully more sonically diverse. There are a clutch of personal songs I have been meaning to write for a while but never felt like the time was right. It feels good to finally get them out. I hope it shows that I’ve grown and matured as a songwriter but also that I understand not to take it all too seriously hence the millennial piss-take song “snowflake”. There are some thinkers, there are some bangers, there are some thinky-bangers (that’ll be my next Spotify playlist title sorted) and I hope there is something in it for everyone. If not, screw ‘em. I’m well proud of it”.

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