SATE: new favourite artist

Amazing. Toronto’s SATE has just dropped this stunningly, funking fierce video for her single ‘Dirty Little Lie’ and it’s our new anthem for everything.

Produced by Hill Kourkoutis, “Dirty Little Lie” oozes seduction, sex and sweat. It’s meant to make the audience dance, however, the lyrical content of the track is serious and focuses on tough subject matter.

“The track was inspired by the saturation of police brutality and race-related mass shootings in the media and the conversations that I was having with my friends who were not of colour,” SATE explains. “It’s not meant to be preachy, it’s meant to have the conversation, and to ask the question of why my pain and humanity has been fetishized or rationalized versus mattering in the same way.”

We’ll be keeping an eye out for more SATE news …

Find SATE on web | instagram | twitter | facebook | soundcloud

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