Projector: ‘How Does It Feel?’ – EP Review

Review by Zoe Biggs


‘How Does It Feel?’ is the new EP from Brighton’s finest scuzz noir trio, Projector. Released under the tireless work of the forward thinking Roadkill Records, this is a sharp and punchy record throughout.

Opener ‘Full Circle’ shimmers and lurks with Lucy’s Howling Bells-esque vocals and Demelza’s hypnotising beat lazily drawing you nearer before bursting to life with enough force to pin you right back. Brilliantly crunchy and grungey riffs abound here.

The switch to Edward on vocals for ‘I Am Shamed’ brings an extra dimension. The song itself is a raw explosion of desperation with the vocals and guitars riding that dark wave to its conclusion, backed by pounding, primal drums.

Projector: How Does It Feel?

Building from a brooding bassline and sleepy guitars, ‘Break Your Own Heart’ launches into life with an intense vocal line. Then, almost as soon as it starts, drops you back down to the foot of the rollercoaster you felt like you had just conquered. The highs return thick and fast. An arresting, visceral ride.

Final track, ‘Let Me’ is the instantaneous earworm. It’s Pixies, Sonic Youth, and even The Cranberries’ ‘Zombie’ melded into a glorious unashamed musical release. The perfect song to wrap up such a versatile, dark and enigmatic record. My only question – when can we expect the album?


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