DOLLS: Pop the Bubble – EP review

Review by Zoe Biggs

DOLLS (Bel and Jade)

London duo DOLLS are really spoiling us with their latest EP ‘Pop The Bubble’. Full of spikey garage rock riffs, and forceful drums, these are four infectiously catchy songs. Not content with this alone, there is also some vivid and vibrant artwork by Graham Humphreys awaiting you If you’re lucky enough to pick up one of the limited edition vinyl before they sell out.

Dolls launch right into things with opener ‘Sugar Free’, singer and guitarist Jade’s commanding vocals proclaiming that ‘Pop is dead’. Sharp guitars give way to a pounding beat by drummer and vocalist Bel, as both voices play off each other to form the instructive hook to ‘pop the bubble’ because ‘pop is dead’. The songs takes wry and raucous shots at modern day throwaway society and its superficial nature.

Dolls: Pop the Bubble

Next up is ‘Pink Bones’, allowing us a brief pause with a more subdued sound. Sweet vocals and dreamy guitars layered over understated drums spotlight Doll’s versatility.

The standout song on the EP for me is third track ‘Armchair Psychiatrist’. The quirky and catchy riff is just the tip of the iceberg. The lyrics and their delivery are the star players here. Prickly, somewhat sarcastic, providing an interesting insight into a internal monologue we could all relate to. A particular favourite line being: ‘Handshakes, I always get them wrong/ You were going for the hug now it’s half and half.’ Who hasn’t been in that situation?

Closing the EP, final track ‘Oh Harry!’ swaggers in with the confidence of early Hole. It saunters through with attitude and a blissed out garage-pop vibe until reaching a raucous and uplifting climax.

With this release, Dolls provide more than enough hooks, energy and quirks to leave you suitably intrigued and primed for their next release.


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