Review by Zoe Biggs


I love this album, and have become unreasonably (or perhaps reasonably) obsessed with it. And, despite having listened to it probably 100 times in the past weeks, it is not wearing thin.

‘Noise pop’ is how Chorusgirl describe their sound; a fitting label for the London based, half German, half British quartet. ‘Shimmer and Spin’ is the band’s second album, and it does exactly what the name may suggest. It delights with dreamy, nostalgic sounds, littered with dark twists and turns. There is not a track on here that leaves me reaching for the skip button. All nine are catchy, interesting and sharp musical moments.

Chorusgirl: Shimmer and Spin

Drummer Michael Boyle and bassist Udo Westhoff provide a solid rhythm section, trading off of each other with nimble and intelligent beats and basslines. Their work as a unit allows guitarists Silvi Wersing and Faith Taylor (also part of the brilliant Suggested Friends) to build upwards with lush rhythms and brilliantly subtle hooks. Silvi’s vocals are alluringly dark and mellow in their delivery, some of the lyrical content reminiscent of The Long Blondes in places. Faith’s vocals round out the harmonies perfectly, with ‘Demon Baby’ and ‘Love Is Like’ seeing her take the lead, adding further depth to the album.

It is difficult to pin down standout tracks from such a standout release, but here we go.

Opener ‘In Dreams’ is an instant, love at first listen song. Melancholic, but somehow uplifting at the same time, lamenting over a life spent in a small town dreaming of the bright lights of the big city.

‘No Goodbye’ – a brilliant blend of Dum Dum Girls and La Luz, which makes me embarrassingly air drum along to.

Anthemic ‘Stuck’ is crafted exquisitely for that shout along moment when its quiet start finally gives way to the release, and a tumbling climax that makes you feel invincible.

Full of nervous energy and quirks ‘Kinetic Theory’ stumbles into your brain, and remains embedded for weeks, no desire to move – ironically enough given the track’s name.

Overall, an absolute triumph of a release. Now, I’m off to go buy their first album because I need more Chorusgirl in my life.