Factory Acts: Are You the Singer?


“Oh you’re in a band? Are you the singer?” – hands up all the female musicians (singing or otherwise) who’ve heard this a squillion times?

Anglo-Irish duo Factory Acts feel our frustration, and this storming electropop release is a brilliant riposte.

The pair are SoS (aka Susan O’Shea) on vocals, synths and analogue digital devices, and Matt Davies on ‘bass, beats and magic mixes’. The track features the voices of a range of musical women, sharing their experiences:

  • Una Baines—Poppycock (Past: The Fall, The Fates), Manchester
  • Lynn BreedloveThe Homobiles (Past: Tribe 8), San Francisco
  • Whitney BluzmaiLL & Diagonal Science, Manchester/Riga
  • CJ Coleman—Honeychild Coleman & Dem, New York
  • Waritsara Karlberg (Yui)Ethereal, Dorset
  • Rose Niland—Rose & the Diamond Hand, Manchester
  • Margaret O’Sullivan—Femmepop, London/Cork
  • Mandy Wigby—Musician/Producer (Past: Sisters of Transistors and much more), Manchester
  • Faye Williams—Berlyn Trilogy, Wakefield
  • StellaZine—(Past:PaganHoliday—Riot Grrrl realness), Athens, Georgia

Band socials:

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