The Baby Seals stole our hearts when they played last year's LOUD WOMEN Fest, and they're coming back again this year to capture our very souls ...

The Baby Seals! Tell us a bit about the scene in Cambridge.
There’s a vibrant scene in Cambridge, underpinned by a few venues who make putting on your own gigs affordable.  We love playing at The Blue Moon, it hosts lots of DIY and more mainstream acts, from the Cambridge Indiepop All Dayer to acts like Mary Ocher and Abi Wade.  There’s also a great collection of local acts, such as Mammoth Penguins, Model Village, Pete Um, Moonstrips and Beverley Kills to name a few.

We are SO looking forward to welcoming you back to LW Fest!
We’ve had a really great year, and have hit many personal milestones.  What has become clear is our purpose, as we started the band as a bit of a laugh.  Now, we have been able to visualise what we want the future of the band to sound like and have been working on our next album.  We also want to use the platform to support those traditionally have struggled to have a voice.  Recently, we’ve teamed up with Bloody Good Period; we’re donating 10% of the CD sale price to them.  They’re an important organisation who supply menstruation products asylum seekers, refugees and to those who can’t afford them.

What can we look forward to from the ’Seals?
One of our goals from the beginning was that we wanted to tour Japan!  We’re one step closer this year; our Empowerpop Tour in October is starting in Canterbury, ending in Cologne, via Amsterdam.  Some of our new material has started to come together nicely and we’re really excited about it.  It’s really therapeutic to get together with ideas, anecdotes, riffs and develop these into fully-fledged seals songs!

Who are you looking forward to seeing play at Loud Women Fest?
PUSSYLIQUOR, they have such an enchanting name, it’s so deliciously provocative.  We’ve enjoyed listening to the Loud Women 3 Spotify playlist in the car.  Of course, ‘Touch Me Again’ from Petrol Girls is an absolute anthem, it makes your hair stand on end.  They’re always a pleasure to watch and Ren is a really inspiring front person.  The Menstrual Cramps and Dream Nails are must-sees, but we’re just really excited to be there and catching as much as we can!!!