Princess Chelsea: ‘I Miss My Man’ – video of the day

New Zealand’s Princess Chelsea plays Shacklewell Arms tonight (Rough Trade Bristol tomorrow night), launching her album ‘The Loneliest Girl’ on Lil’ Chief Records.

The video for lead single ‘I Miss My Man’ uses footage from the 1976 Soviet movie Little Mermaid. As Chelsea explains,
“Unlike the fairy tale we’re all used to the Russian version is really sad – she gives up her legs and voice for this prince but he doesn’t fall in love with her at the end. She gives up everything for him for one day and then it’s all over!”
“This song is about the slight shame a woke feminist might feel when missing a man or feeing sad about a man. I guess I’m trying to say “don’t worry it’s normal and not necessarily weak to miss your man”. We are all human after all. The primal delivery of the chorus reinforces the narrator’s humanity it’s as if she’s psychoanalysing everything during the verses then says to herself ‘screw it’ right before the chorus hits and just starts wailing into the mic like a human being. I was listening to a lot of Fleetwood Mac Tango In The Night around the time of this composition.”
Full European tour dates here:
31.08.2018 PL – Gdansk – Soundrive Festival
07.09.2018 FR – Bordeaux – Iboat
09.09.2018 UK – London – Shacklewell Arms
10.09.2018 UK – Bristol – Rough Trade
12.09.2018 FR – Paris – Point Ephemere
18.09.2018 BE – Liege – Reflektor
19.09.2018 NL – Amsterdam – Paradiso / Indiestad
20.09.2018 DE – Hamburg – Reeperbahn Festival
21.09.2018 DK – Bucharest – Control Club
22.09.2018 DE – Berlin – Funkhaus / Indiesession
23.09.2018 DE – Dresden – Beatpol
25.09.2018 CZ – Prague – Jazzdock
26.09.2018 CZ – Pilzen – Andel
27.09.2018 SK – Presov – Christiania
28.09.2018 SK – Liptovsky Mikulas – Diera Do Sveta
29.09.2018 CZ – Ostrava – Cooltour
01.10.2018 CZ – Brno – Fleda
04.10.2018 CH – Geneva – Kalingrad
05.10.2018 GR – Athens – Fuzz Club

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