Rebecca Lou: in her own words

Rebecca Lou - press photo 2017Following on from her stunning debut single Bitch U Look Good, Rebecca Lou returns with her latest cut, Under The Moon, out now via We Are Suburban. We asked her to tells us about it in her own words ...

I love writing gloomy stuff, and ‘Under The Moon’ came about while I was reading my old teenage diary and was really blown away by my own intense teenage poems I had written down when I was younger. You tend to forget how suffocating and emotional teenage love can feel. When you get older, that intensity, at least for me, diverges. When I wrote the song I was listening to a lot of Chelsea Wolfe and was really inspired by her doom-ish and witchy vibe, and kinda linked the reference between the two, and out came ‘Under The Moon’. I think the song is really emo and over the top in a really cool way. Let yourself get sucked into that teenage-reminiscent emotion that we all know so well!

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