hotsauceponyHot Sauce Pony are coming to play our St Patricia's Day Fest this Saturday 17 March at DIY Space for London! We asked them 10 questions ...

1. Who would you most like to cover one of your songs? 

Lana Delray or maybe Elton John – that would make us millionaires, right?

2. If you could add one member to your band – any person, living or dead, musical or otherwise – who would it be, and what would they play?

Stephen Hanley bass player of The Fall, he’d write an awesome biog about his time with us 20 years later and also show our Stephen how it’s done properly.

3. If your music could have a superpower, what would it be?
4. What’s best: playing a big venue full of strangers, or a small pub full of friends? 

Big venue full of strangers. Who needs friends? This isn’t 6th form college.

5. Recommend a record and a book that you think our readers might not have heard of.

Big ¥ Brave – Au De La. Gorgeous Canadian band. Crushes like Swans, soothes like Bjork.

Jon Fine’s book  “Your Band Sucks” – confirms everything you feared about being in a band.

6. One for the guitarists … bore us with the details of your set-up please.
Bass: Rickenbacker 4001 through RAT, UFO, Pitchfork, Deluxe Electric Mistress, a couple of boss delays, strymon blue sky and an over complicated looper. Preferably through a 1969 Laney PA head and 2×15 cabinet. What I lack in talent I make up for in little metal boxes.
Guitar: fender Strat. Fender Tele. Through a UFO fuzz, red mxr distortion, boss delays, line 6 dl4, ehx Holiest Grail, line 6 echo park into a Marshall Jcm Slash and 4×12 cab. Or a Vox Ac30. Whatever I can get my grubby mits on.

7. What’s the best thing about being in your band? 

The Beatles puns

8. What are your band goals? 
Get our debut album which we recorded with Steve Albini released before the year is out…open to offers.
9. What’s the most important thing we need to know about your band right now? 
You or I, or we, do not know what this band sounds like. And that’s the best thing about it.

10. Give your top 5 contemporary bands.
Black Midi 
Tommy & Mary
Ham Legion
Arrows Of Love
Human Leather

Don’t ask why, go and listen and make your own minds up. This is gold I’m giving you here. Gold.