orgoReview by Lauren Murphy
Argonaut: Forever (LP)
Out now from Key Mail Order

In 2017 it’s hard to leave the house, or even stay in, without hearing music that has been produced, polished and perfected to the point where it’s hard to believe there were real, imperfect humans involved in it’s making. Artists spend up to a year in and out of the studio recording take after take until their album sounds exactly as it does in their head.

Argonaut have not done that. Argonaut spent just two days in the studio to record this, their third album, and the result is raw and fragile and urgent in all the best ways. In places. it feels like catharsis just listening to it; like listening to a group of people trying to get something off their chest.

argoAlbum opener ‘Zero Said’ is a thumping anthem that scratches at the nerve exposed by the #metoo movement.

‘Everybody Crash’ is a clear standout, with its amazingly catchy hook belying a cynical rallying cry against the world, and singer Lorna’s vocals softening the edges of the fury that bubbles through it.

Each song on the album demonstrates a rich pool of influence, seemingly touching on every decade without ever aping anybody and never ever feeling less than fresh.

The only downside to this album is that the eschewing of modernity doesn’t just extend to a good old musical rant, but to the release which is strictly mail order and even more strictly limited to 100 numbered copies.

Run, run to get yourself something to dance to while 2017 crashes and burns.



Find Argonaut on YouTube, Facebook and their website

Catch them live (for the last time with their brilliant bass player and producer Joules, who is sadly leaving the band) on Friday 15 December at The Bird’s Nest in Deptford