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Crumbs: ‘Mind Yr Manners’
DL/Vinyl from Bandcamp
Mind Yr Manners – LP review

With a thump and a “ONE! TWO! THREE! FOUR!” Crumbs clearly wanted to start this LP off with a bang! It’s great when a piece of work has instant vigour about it! “You want to take me out to party?” questions a voice in the opening track ‘Weasels can wait’. Yes I do!

Picture1Crumbs are a four-piece post-pop party outfit based in Leeds/York who apparently like pets and puns. I can’t speak for the animals, but their enjoyment of wordplay can be heard in their release ‘Mind Yr Manners’, with well-placed alliteration, metaphors and a very enjoyable juxtaposition of intent between the verses in each song. It seems like each song starts off on one train of thought and by the end, it becomes very apparent that the opposite is true.  I don’t need you, or maybe I do, but I can’t tell you!

With pounding drums, and a wonderful combination of dissonance and distortion, the band manages to capture a mood somewhere between the edge of anxiety and being up and ready for a fight. There is almost a pleading sound in the lead vocals, despite it clearly being a force not to be messed with there is a nice occasional wavering tone to it. It is slightly reminiscent of Melissa Auf der Maur’s work – if she had listened to much more punk.
‘Mind Yr Manners’ is a bouncy, punchy LP packed with enough energy to force your body into get-up-and-go mode!

Listening recommendations: alone when you want to dance around the house.
Alternatively, stick this on at your next available house party!

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