Luna Pines Promo Shots 2

UK electronic, alternative pop trio  LUNA PINES have just released their debut single ‘My Own Ceiling’.

“It’s tranquil melody washed with raw and powerful lyrics make for an honest portrayal of an encapsulating struggle with mental health, whilst Olivia’s soulful, yet effortless vocals manage to capture the essence of the track, inviting the listener on an imitate journey.

Luna Pines really take the meaning of DIY to the next level as not only do they play, write and produce all of their own music, they also mix and master all of their own tracks! This passionate, hands-on approach has allowed them to quickly build a solid foundation from which they can create inspirational music, making them a force to be reckoned with.


Drawing influences from dream pop sensation Japanese House and iconic producer Mike Sapone, Lotte, Ellie and Olivia have successfully created this atmospheric soundscape wrapped around soaring synths and addictive beats. Definitely not a track to miss!

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