introducing: KEYS

21272139_275699286167981_211246813338115467_nKEYS are a brand new (formed only 5 months ago) 4-piece Garage/Alternative-rock band from Stoke, launching their EP today – ‘Move the Earth’. 

Originally made up of siblings, James (20) and singer, Beth Keeble (17) along with drummer Josh Heath Pedley (17), the band started off as a trio but later added Ellis Gibbons after the release of their first single, ‘Comedown’.

Recorded with Tom Carter at Riff Factory in stoke, the band created an EP in such a short timeframe with new members and decisions to be made; to get this far this quick is impressing in itself. This 4-piece incorporate the riffs of the punk, garage era and combine it with the new wave of grungey, female vocals creating an idyllic sound and quality of today’s generation taking inspiration from Nirvana and Wolf Alice which are clear in their debut EP.

From the EP, singer Beth says, “the song that means the most to me is Deceive You because it’s about how people change fast without you noticing. Oceans is similar as it focuses on how I notice the little details about people and when people listen to it, I hope it reminds them of someone they love.”

Having just finished a micro-tour of the UK, hitting Stoke, Derby, Doncaster, Manchester, Birmingham and London, this band are set for a heavy, busy future.

KEYS on Spotify

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