video premier: Graceland’s ‘Flyway’

gracelandLOUD WOMEN is proud as punch to host the first view of Graceland’s beautiful new video for their new single, ‘Flyway’.

The video was recorded on the last day of summer in their native Norfolk, amidst the East Anglian landscape on Overstrand beach, a spot of sand which they hold very close to their hearts.

The four sisters from the East have used their love of migrating coastal birds to create a poignant snapshot of summer; a backdrop to show the intertwining of lives and how closely people can pass by, drifting and spinning in out of one another’s paths.

The track itself is an unashamed nod to past loves that finds the calm within their post-punk buzz pop. The gold of the beach with the dramatic changing of tides of this particular area was the perfect place to reflect this.

To celebrate the release of this new single and video, Graceland are headlining The Lexington this Friday on 22nd September.

Graceland are Rosie Arnold on guitar, organ and vocals, Ellie Jones on guitar and vocals, Maxie Gedge on drums and Stevie Gedge on bass.

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