by kris smith

16 tracks here, coming straight from the underground, and a very high hit rate for a compilation. This has a sample of songs dating from the last three years, from UK favourites Slum Of LegsFrauShopping and Daskinsey 4, and what looks like an exclusive track from Primetime.

Aside from a couple of (to me) iffy choices, i.e. a slightly-cheesy track by Brighton ska-sters Meow Meows, whose back catalogue I haven’t yet investigated but who are great live, and a sort-of instrumental from Brazilian band Rakta, this is a top-notch selection of Your New Favourite Bands, guaranteed to shame you if you hadn’t sought them out already. From the US, the great NOTS, and also Earth GirlsQuaaludesUV-TVBad Daddies and Street Eaters; and from Finland, Charm Bags and The Splits.

This selection, of course, only scratches the surface. File this LP alongside the Tuff Enuff ‘Riots Not Diets’ compilations and ‘Nobody’s Business’ from Candy Twist Records. There are rumours that Odd Box Records and LOUD WOMEN itself are planning similar comps, none of which need overlap with each other given the wealth of female-fronted, punk/pop and queercore DIY music around at the moment. Keep ’em peeled.
Typical Girls (Emotional Response Records, June 2016)