freer ideas

Freer Ideas is a project run by Jaca Freer (drummer with Colour Me Wednesday¡Ay, Carmela!, and Baby Arms) that puts on gigs and music workshops with the explicit aim of empowering and supporting women, queer/trans people, people of colour and working class people in London and around the UK.

Freer Ideas has organised Jam On Your Hands, an intersectional feminist jam night at DIY Space for London that encourages anyone to just pick up an instrument and play whatever comes to them, regardless of whether they’ve played before or not! They have also been organising regular gigs at The Fiddler’s Elbow in Camden, putting on amazing and diverse bands such as Big JoanieSuggested FriendsFight Rosa FightERIKAXANAGazel and Faith Taylor.

Over the summer, Freer Ideas is hosting the #SummerDrummerworkshops at DIY Space for London, where they are covering everything from absolute beginners to advanced and percussion workshops, especially for people who have felt barriers between them and music-making in the past. So sign up if you’ve ever been interested in learning drums, or want some new ideas to take your playing to a new level! Ticket booking:

Freer Ideas is also organising Synth Punk Fest London in October, together with Resist Psychic Death, so keep your ear to the ground (or your eyes on social media) for more info on that!

Jaca also teaches drums regularly in London and Brighton on a pay-what-you-can-afford basis, so if you would like regular lessons then you can find them on Facebook or email

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