What is love… A fickle pickle I tell you. We’ve all been there. Meeting that special someone and as fast as love blossoms, love fizzles. Our friends and family become spectators and sometimes intervene. Mending a broken heart and fast tracking the recovery is what Amelie Jat’s new single ‘my band hates u!’ is all about. 

Her lyrics take us into her world. The way she describes her experience through memories tells us she’s had time to heal and move on. Key phrases hit those wounded by love like bumping into the scab on your arm you forgot about. When she sings “you half left” or “too hard to trust”, I feel the frustration. Certainly, words I’ve uttered in my own moments of love-anxious despair.

Amelie Jat was born and raised in Hong Kong but now operates from London. ‘My band hates u!’ stays true to her brand of catchy pop punk. What originally started as a joke, blossomed into a breakup anthem! Sad tales sung over sweet pop melodies? Yes, yes and yes.

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