Philadelphia-based Ska band, Catbite, has created a lively redemption track in ‘Spiral’ that really packs a punch and rejuvenates audiences.

With a rousing and rambunctious musical backing, energetic tempo, and vivacious vocals, Catbite leads listeners through this quick track like an electrified whirlwind.

Lyrically, ‘Spiral’ discusses a painful descent into depression and the battle to escape that ever-coiling corkscrew. Ultimately though, the song declares victory over this tormentor and the spirited track ends with a feeling of triumph.

‘Spiral’ is a vitality-restoring track that provides a much-needed spark to your inner flame and I can’t recommend it enough. Don’t miss Catbite’s most recent album under Bad Time Records, WAVEBREAKER 2, and their current tour! Tickets are still available at venues across the US.

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