Japanese singer/songwriter and producer Tina Moon released ‘Choose for Yourself’, a self-assured, attitude-driven song that has the effect of beating down anybody who tries to get in the way. 

Linguistically playing with language, Tina’s Moon music is a merging of Japanese, Korean and English with ‘Choose for Yourself’ consisting of lyrics such as ‘I don’t know what you say,’ ‘It’s not good to criticize’ and ‘let’s think about it […] for me’ integrated outspokenly within the lines. All is released with melodic cries and grunge energy while the guitars chug and drums crash alongside.

The accompanying video is stylized and coated with punk mentality, bringing in Tina’s Moon enthusiasm for art and fashion.

‘Choose for Yourself’ is taken from the debut album MY ARMS, released April 26, which draws upon pop, rock, electronica and anime culture while blurring the boundaries between reality, fantasy and the intensity of personal emotions. As Tina Moon explains,

 “The title ‘MY ARMS’ is a reference to the fact that I am an extension and these arms are told and appendages I use to connect my feelings. I didn’t know how to love others or how to love myself. When I thought about love, I felt joy, sadness, and anger. The only way I know how is to express each emotion though music and it’s an intense feeling that overflows. It’s a cathartic experience, even though these songs reflect hurt, they too convey a sense of hope.”

The latest single replaces the dark electro that makes up the majority of the album with a sound more raw and catchy. It’s therefore an expression of identity both intriguing and direct.

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