Swedish born/London-based trio Junodef wins track of the day with their latest single, ‘She Wants To Win’.

‘She Wants To Win’ is a dark and melancholic electronic infused track that’s about rethinking your friendships and relationships.

Karin Grönkvist (guitar and vocals) shares the following about ‘She Wants To Win’:

“The track was written in the wake of some turbulent times where I was forced to reevaluate some friendships and relationships. The song is basically about people who feel entitled to you, your time and your energy, and who will try to “keep you” rather than respect you as your own person with your own wishes and priorities. I think a lot of people have been in situations where they feel like they have some unreasonable expectations put on them by someone who is not quite accepting of the fact that a friendship or relationship is a two-way dynamic. Fulfilling expectations that I’m not interested in fulfilling has never been my thing, so when a person is trying so hard to keep you in their grip, and you’re simply not that bothered it becomes quite a weird and almost ridiculous dynamic – which I tried to capture in the song. 

Listen to your body when it’s telling you that you’re putting up with too much shit. Rethink relationships and situations where pressure rather than joy is the prevalent feeling. Do you feel free and respected in your relationships? If not, then byyyeeeee!”

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