‘HEX’, the latest dark occult release from UK-based Birdeatsbaby, is a terrifyingly beautiful journey encompassing a delirious descent into darkness.

This unforgettable track is built on a foundation of powerhouse, choir-like vocals, and shrieks lifted ever higher by jaw-dropping instrumental backing. Firmly rooted in heavy metal, with stunning cello accompaniment, ‘HEX’ is a mystically layered masterpiece.

Hauntingly packed with imagery of ritual magic, ‘HEX’ puts the spotlight on carving your own path, and how sometimes it can lead to the shadows. Perfectly depicted visually with band members’ faces melting into ash. It also demonstrates the power of embracing your strength and showing what horrors could lie in those depths, horns, and all. Leaving the viewers with the wisdom of the hellish oracles; to take heed of what holds power over you before it consumes you.

Overall, this song is chilling and exquisite with a shocking video experience that will leave fans of progressive metal hungry for more. A full album is currently in development, so we shall have more in the months to come! Make sure to keep up to date with the track-by-track release of Birdeatsbaby’s album HEX because you won’t want to miss a thing!

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