L.A.-based dynamo Teri Gender Bender (frontwoman of Le Butcherettes) is back with yet another astounding radical pop solo EP, Catspeak – out today on Clouds Hill.

With Catspeak, Teri reaches new heights of vibrant creativity, with a grounding intensity that keeps each track raw and real.

The songs on this EP were written when Teri was nineteen. Rediscovered and reworked, Catspeak is youthful discovery and growing pains in five short tracks. Each is unique, a testament to Teri’s musical and lyrical ability – the words, vocals, bass, guitar and drums are all her. Catspeak almost feels like a short story anthology in EP form. Every track transports the listener to a different life, a different experience, and invites them to stay there for a few minutes, and listen.

I found the final track ‘Nicole Speaks Out’ particularly attention-grabbing. It deals with the dark realities of abuse in a delicate way which is measured, yet emotive – and very effective.

“It is so sad when abuse within a family becomes so normalized that even when you are free from it, it still feels as if you have no right to happiness. But today, I am surrounded by people who respect me and my art. It was not always the case, particularly not when I was young. Maybe, it’s part of life. You always have to fight for your vision, especially when people don’t believe in it.”

Teri Gender-Bender

Catspeak‘s twin EP, Outsiders, is due for release in July. In the meantime, here’s the lead single from Catspeak ‘Like No One Else’ to whet your appetites:

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