KC Rae (KC Dalager from Now, Now) makes her solo debut with ‘Blockbuster’, a nostalgic track with late 90s/Y2K vibes. With bittersweet lyrics, KC Rae shares a memory that comes alive with her sharp storytelling. 

“This song is about a very specific memory with my cousin. I was terrified of breaking rules as a kid, so this experience of swiping her stepdad’s car, without a license, to go rent a movie has sunk itself into the core memory archives. It also captures the entire relationship with my cousin and crashing through childhood and adolescence together. I have a really intense sensory memory, so the end of the track is a tangent of every time I’ve felt a specific breeze while with her. I also wanted to highlight and display all of these little instances of growing up that you don’t realize are going to stick with you”

KC Rae

Since her Now, Now era, KC Rae has been on a journey of healing and self-discovery, facing her own autism diagnosis, trauma, and mental health. ‘Blockbuster’ is just the start of KC finding something that’s all her own.  

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